Ward councillors in the greater Constantia area have outlined their plans for 2021.

Halfway through the City’s financial year, some still have hefty portions of their R1million ward budgets unspent.

Ward 62 councillor Liz Brunette says she worked through recess and spent the past weekend informing the community about a burst water pipe in the Alphen greenbelt and responding to emails from residents.

Her ward projects include the upgrade of roads, a literacy programme, improvements to parks, CCTV cameras, maintenance on the Constantia greenbelts, a holiday programme for children living at Gabriel Estate in Plumstead and a law enforcement officer for Wynberg.

Wynberg Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme (MURP) projects up for completion this financial year include a bullnose on the corner of Egham Road and Lower Church Street to funnel vehicles into Egham and Wetton roads; and setting up food trucks on outside Maynardville Park.

Ms Brunette said the Wynberg Improvement District’s installation of CCTV cameras had led to arrests.

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