Meals on Wheels Update

We successfully completed the 3rd delivery session to our Elderly in the areas from Claremont to Muizenberg

  • WE are grateful for the assistance of the volunteers assisting us cooking, packing and delivering 170 cooked  meals to 17 of  our elderly that is unable to cook for themselves due to health, lack of a stove and is dependent on our cooked meals.
  • We delivered 350 bags of groceries and Vegetables witch was received with warm and peaceful hearts.

We practice social distancing and the hampers and food helped the elderly to be safe and secure during this time.

Thank you to all the helpers  for showing you care, the effort , time, cars and petrol  and your own safety to help us make it happen in 3 days.

No words can describe our and the elderly’s gratitude – you help them to have peace of mind and love and care in their lives currently, and not anxiety and fear.

A quote from one of our Elderly :

“ Toni, God is good, everything I needed is in the parcel. Thank all of u so much no words can say how grateful I am to all of  you may it all come back to you all treble the amount and bless you all for your work    LOVE Jni”

We still in need of donations please, and thank you for your contribution to all out there.

Cheque: 4050917055

From Meals on Wheels Plumstead Team
Judith and Stephanie

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