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Help Rebuild PlumPets Animal Shelter

PlumPets Animal Shelter in Plumstead urgently needs funding to rebuild their facilities after a devastating fire claimed the lives of 7 rescued pets.

plumpetsOn Tuesday 1 December PlumPets Animal Shelter/ Plumstead Animal Hospital suffered a devastating fire in the early hours of the morning (5 AM). The fire broke out in the building used as the cattery, store room and housing facilities for fragile animals. It was an electrical fire that started in the area where we were housing a Mommy dog who had just been rescued from neglect and abandonment and found in a field in Epping with her five small puppies. Tragically the Mommy dog, her puppies and our parrot Polly all died in the fire despite the incredible efforts PlumPets owner, Paultette Bousfield who went to to try and save them. Paulette Bousfield sleeps on the premises to look after her nearly 40 animals during the night and rushed to the fire when she heard the Mommy dog barking for help. Unfortunately the Mommy dog would not leave her babies behind and Paulette was unable to save her before the fire took over the entire house. Nova, one of the two dogs who were being trained to be domesticated in the same building, passed out in the fire but was able to be resuscitated and is now looking for a foster home with her BFF Riley, where she can recover in peace with special attention, love and care. All the cats in our cattery were rescued by the fireman. We now need all the support we can get from our surrounding communities and international donors to rebuild our shelter.Donate-ButtonThis tragedy came just months after another terrible event shocked our organisation.

In September 2015, our only vehicle was involved in a horrible car accident when a speeding tow truck collided with us on Victoria Road in Plumstead. Our vehicle was on its way to take 4 dogs to the forest for their daily off-lead walks – the happiness part of a PlumPet’s day! The driver of our vehicle, beloved kennelman and friend Eston, died in the accident and another kennelman was severely injured and is still overcoming the incident to this day. Luckily all four of our dogs survived but with left injured and are still experiencing PTSD from the crash. We now have no vehicle making it impossible to take the dogs on daily off-lead walks and no vehicle for emergencies.

Currently, we are desperately trying to raise funds to rebuild our shelter as well as home as many animals as possible in this tragic time. We are also looking for permanent homes for our animals in a time when we need it most. If you’re available to adopt a dog, cat or kitten from us, please get in touch via our Facebook page or website at

You can find us on Facebook at for all the details, photos and updates regarding the fire we suffered.

Please get in touch with any assistance you can offer!

Original Source: GivenGain

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