Plumstead Sales by Street

Property values by Street for Plumstead

Adelaide RoadAinslie RoadAlnwick RoadAnnandale RoadAshbury RoadAtherstone RoadAthlone RoadAzalea Street

Balmoral RoadBardia RoadBarnett RoadBasil RoadBirmingham RoadBlenheim RoadBoundary RoadBraefield RoadBrampton RoadBrenda RoadBrent RoadBuckingham RoadBurnham Road

Cannon StreetCarnarvon RoadCassino RoadCecil RoadChudleigh RoadChurchill RoadConstaniaberg CloseConstantia RoadConstatiaberg CloseCoombe RoadCoronation AvenueCourt Town RoadCranmere RoadCulm Road

Dalegarth RoadDalziel RoadDan Pienaar CircleDan Pienaar CloseDawlish RoadDelaney RoadDenbigh RoadDessie RoadDick Burton RoadDick Burton StreetDoordrift RoadDragoon RoadDragoon Street

El Alemein CloseEvremonde RoadExeter RoadExmouth Road

Ferguson StreetFirfield RoadFirtree StreetFrancis Road

Gabriel CrescentGabriel RoadGarden StreetGeorge DriveGray Road

Hall RoadHamilton RoadHancock StreetHarries StreetHemyock RoadHolmdene RoadHoniton RoadHumberstone Road

Kenneth RoadKirkwood RoadKlaproos StreetKnutsford RoadLidford RoadLympleigh Road

Main RoadMarket RoadMeadow RoadMedway RoadMelville RoadMeyer StreetMeyrick AvenueMilford RoadMimosa StreetMorpeth RoadMorton Road

Naruna CrescentO Okiep RoadOld Kendal RoadOphir Road

Palatine RoadPark RoadPenhurst RoadPinehill AvenuePitt StreetPluto RoadPlympton RoadPrince AvenuePrince George DrivePrince George Drive Service RoadPrincess Vlei Road

Rivers End RoadRiversend RoadRoadway RoadRoadway StreetRorke RoadRotherfield Road

Saint Clair RoadSawle RoadSelby RoadSessel StreetSeven Oks RoadSevenoaks RoadSevern RoadSilverton RoadSmith RoadSouth RoadSouthfield RoadSt Catherine RoadSt Clair RoadSt Joans RoadSt Josephs RoadSt Mary RoadStaines RoadStella RoadStudents WaySuring Street

Thirlmere RoadThornbury RoadThornwick RoadThyme RoadTimour Hall RoadTiverton RoadTobruk RoadTobruk WayTopsham RoadTotnes RoadTrentham RoadTwine RoadTynemouth Road

Vernon RoadVictoria RoadVillage Green CloseViooltjie StreetVlei Road

Walsall RoadWaterbury RoadWaterford RoadWembley AvenueWhitby RoadWhite RoadWicklow RoadWindsor RoadWoodgate RoadWoodley Road

Yvonne Road

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