Franlize Fourie and John Gentz organise and sponsor an additional community project called Neighbour2Neighbour where they help connect residents and local businesses with elderly folk in our area who need occasional help and assistance.  This is now integrated into our Our Mothers Our Fathers campaign of quarterly food hampers.

Through Neighbour2Neighbour we can connect a local business eg a hair salon who is prepared to provide a free haircut to a needy elderly person.  Instead of paying for the haircut, we are able to give that local salon valuable free marketing in our community directory.

We will connect with local community organisations to find such volunteers and identify elderly people in our community in need of support and assistance.

What to do if you are a local business who wishes to donate a service?

Please email:

Please describe (a) what service you are able to offer (b) and any terms and conditions and (c) your contact information

What to do if you know of an elderly person in Plumstead or Diep River area who needs assistance?

Please email:

Please describe (a) what service you or someone you know needs and (b) your contact information

Please note we are in the process of developing the Neighbour2Neighbour database.
For any service or product, we need to match the elderly person needing the service with a volunteer service provider.