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Meals on Wheels

At Meals on Wheels we are looking after 120 members, elderly over the age of 60. From Muizenberg to Claremont.

At this time we are focusing on helping them with food, so they can be calm and at ease in their isolation and the lockdown period.

The idea is the following:

  1. To cook meals that they can freeze
  2. and to give them a hamper with dry ingredients

We are in need of :
Fresh veggies
Canned goods
Yeast and baking powder
Cooking oil
Coffee, tea, sugar
Longlife milk / condense milk
Peanutbutter / Marmite
A little ‘luxury item’ chocolates, cookies etc
Polystyrene take away containers – we need in bulk if anyone has a contact? We need about 800 also the curry and rice type containers

Banking Details: Donations
Meals on Wheels Plumstead
Absa: 4050917055

We are working with the Dept of Social development, helping to put safety /hygienic first, and all in place before we start again next week to cook and pack.

Help us to keep them safe and worry-free to the best we can in the isolation stage.

We request that goods to be dropped next week Tuesday  7th April between 10am – 12 and at 2pm only –  if possible to eliminate contact.

We have volenteers eager to assist again in dropping the food

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, the elderly value this more than you can imagine, those that helped with the previous pack and drop will tell you, they very very grateful.

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